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Stanstead Abbotts Local History Society

An archaeological dig in Stanstead Abbotts; Volunteers welcome!

Start; June 20th.

The planned small expansion of housing in the village at Netherfield Lane off Roydon Road gives us the opportunity to discover more of our history courtesy of the land owners and former large-scale Village employers, Websters Ltd.

Their continuing 50-year long involvement with the village will include financing a 5-day professional-led Archaeological Dig starting on June 20th in an area that has revealed evidence of our ancestors going back 8,000 years.Historically, the area is likely to be the gateway of early man following river routes into our village and may be associated with 160 flint tool finds (approximately 150 yds. away) discovered in 1971.

If you can afford a day or the whole week and whether you are experienced or not, you are invited to take a 'hands-on' look into the history of the village.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mike Dormon for more information

on Email:-

Phone:- 07899 992951