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Stanstead Abbotts Local History Society

Contributors continued.



The Millstream and the Domesday mill   SDM

Dispute on the river 1700 to 1750    SDM

Lea Navigation of 1767     SDM

Changes on the river in 1850     SDM

Old Stanstead Lock      SDM

A talk on the River Lea {Recording}    RA

A tale of the river      DX

A river wharf that never was     SDM

Historical floods      SDM

New River and Captain Coulthurst    SDM


A theory on the bridge at Thele    RD

A history of Stanstead Abbotts Bridge   RD

The Bypass       BJ

Video of the Bypass 1987 by J Moss    [SDM] JM

Hollycross Road and Cappell Lane road changes  SDM

 Stagecoach to Train      SDM


Railway Station 1843-63     SDM

New Railway Station 1864     SDM

Ditton Family Stationmasters     SDM


Hurricane at Olives Farm     SDM

Canberra crash 1954 St Margarets    SDM

Mustang crash Easneye     SDM

 Mosquito crash at Olives Farm    SDM      


French and Jupps      GH

The maltings history      GH

The largest Brewery      RD

Maltings and Glenmire Windmill     GH

Glenmire Windmill Conundrum    TB

Glenmire Windmill Reply to Conundrum   SDM

French and Jupps people and history           [IW] GH

St Margarets Quarry and Brickworks    SDM

Champions Vinegar malting     RD

Brewery Jottings      RD


Rubber Dump Fire      SDM

Ragged School outing      SDM

 Jubilee Celebrations pamphlet    1977               BJ

Jubilee Weekend 2012 picturesBD BJ DR GS IW JG SD SK TG

 Jubilee bonfire pictures 2012     JD & TD

Jubilee Beacon video  2012     CL

Olympic Flame in Stanstead Abbotts    JD

1903 Flood and Camera House    SDM

Flood picture archive      BJ

Robbery at the Vicarage     RD

Cleaning the War Memorial     BJ

Coronation Celebrations 1953    SDM

Mill Fire of 1864      SDM

Frozen River 1895      SDM


Ye ancient rhyme of Stanstead Abbotts   RDav

Ye old English local words     RD

Future research      RD

Research and time travel     RD

Witchcraft       RD

A History of Stanstead Abbotts    DX

A walk around the village on video    CL

Alfred Waterhouse and his buildings    RD

Land transactions in Stanstead Abbotts   RD

Historical Tit Bits      RD

Members pictures                         BD DR GS JG SK SD TG

Medieval Christmas Facts     IW

Brian’s site [Link]      BJ

SALHS picture collection sample    BJ

Village picture collection     CL

Research snippets      RD

 Flesh on the bones a motorbikes tale   TG

The School Outing in pictures         CC

Bear skins to Beer making (K Fitzpatrick-Mathews)[DX] KFM

Total 167    dated      010619

Contributors List

AB       = Alice Bright

BJ = Brian Johnson

BD = Brian Duval

CC = Claire Cockman

CL = CharlieLovick

DM = Dunnit Mead

DP = Dolly Potton

DR = Dave Roberts

DX = Ray Dixon

EP = Enid Perry

FG = Flora Gibson

GC = Glenis Collins

GeC = Gerald Coppin

GH = Guy Horlock

GR = Gerry Robertson

GS = Gary Stock

HL = Helen Lovick

ImW = Imogen White

IW = Ian White

JD = Janet Dance

JG = Jean Gilby

JM = John Moss

JMI = Village school 1949

JP = Josie Patmore

KB = Kathleen Baxter

KFM = Keith Fitzpatrick Davies

LH = Lyn Heraud

LW = Liz Welch

MD = Miles Dimmock

MH = Marlene Harris

RA = Richard Atkins

RB = Rob Gifford

RD = Ron Dale

RDav = Ron Daviies

RH = Bob Hunt

RR = Roger Reed

RS = Ruth Swift

SD = Sue Day

SDM    =     S. Moye

SF = Stephen Ruff

SK = Steve Knight

TB = Trish Bindafeld

TC  = Terry Collins

TD = Trevor Dance

TG = Tom Gilby

VR = Vic Roblett

YR = Yvonne Richardson

Total47  Dated 010619